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There are companies which offer a graduate training programme to give you the experience you need to become a competent professional. Many of these companies have applied for assessment of their scheme against the IChemE standard, so that you can develop in the most efficient time scale, to be both:

  • a fully valuable member of their engineering staff, and 
  • eligible to apply for qualification as a Chartered Chemical Engineer

Apply to get on an ACTS

Companies with an Accredited Company Training Scheme (ACTS) have IChemE quality assurance in offering you:

  • the depth and breadth of training and development opportunities you need to build the professional experience and responsibility required to become a Chartered Member
  • a Mentor, who is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and will help you track your progress every quarter and review your report(s) when you are nearing application
  • company commitment to your development

Find out more and browse the companies with accredited training schemes in different industry sectors across the world, to see where you will get the best start - and see exactly how and where they want you to apply.

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