Benefits of CPD

Members should regularly devote time to professional development. Undertaking CPD will help maintain understanding, knowledge and skills, regardless of present capabilities, performance or seniority. It enhances career prospects in a rapidly changing job market, increasing adaptability and offering employment flexibility.

Benefits for the individual:

  • develops professional capability and enhances reputation
  • boosts self-confidence
  • showcases achievements and knowledge
  • helps plan current and future career needs
  • if you are sampled, gain the opportunity to receive peer feedback on the process you follow to identify, carry out and review/reflect upon your CPD activities

Employers consider CPD as evidence of an individual’s investment in their current role and career development. Therefore, striving to improve professional knowledge, understanding and practice is beneficial to the profession, the employer and the individual.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • provides a framework to manage employees professional development, including staff appraisals
  • promotes investment and helps to plan staff development needs across the organisation
  • strengthens reputation as a quality employer
  • enhances staff recruitment and retention
  • improves morale, staff motivation and workplace performance
  • evidence for regulators, clients and stakeholders of the expertise of the workforce

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