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Process to get Chartered - knowledge and understanding


Chartered Chemical Engineers must have a high standard of chemical engineering knowledge and understanding. The level required encompasses not only the underpinning maths and science, the principles of core chemical engineering, the practice of design and engineering and the wide reaching implications; a Chartered Member of IChemE must also have advanced theoretical knowledge of chemical engineering and the ability to apply this understanding to open ended problems such as a design or research project.

Core chemical engineering knowledge and understanding:

Chemical engineering knowledge graph

How do I meet this level?

Process to get Chartered - level of knowledge and understanding

You may gain your understanding of chemical, biochemical and process engineering through higher education, a combination of education and work experience or in some cases extensive experience.

Use the self diagnosis tool to check what you will need to submit to provide evidence of your knowledge against the minimum required level (follow the guidance provided).

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General guidance

Further information

The criteria IChemE refers to when assessing an individual's knowledge and understanding are those used to characterise a degree programme for accreditation to the full level required for Chartered Member. Read about accreditation.



Minor revisions to the Competence and Commitment (C&C) report template (Section E) have been made in line with the IChemE CPD Policy 

Applications received from 1 March 2018 onwards must be completed on the new Competence and Commitment report template (Version 2).