Degree accreditation

Studying an IChemE accredited degree, means:

  1. quality assurance of the high standard of the course
  2. IChemE has prior evidence of the level of knowledge an individual will have gained from that course, and whether it meets that required for Chartered Member MIChemE; completely or in part


Use the Engineering Council's online search to find out if your course was accredited by IChemE at the time you studied and at which level.

What is accreditation?

IChemE is active in developing and raising standards in education and training, through our accreditation programme. We accredit courses at some 60 higher education institutions, more than half of which are outside of the UK, to two different levels:

  1. Part meets the level of chemical engineering knowledge and understanding required for a Chartered Member - accredited to IChemE Bachelors or B' level.
    If you graduate with a degree that is accredited by IChemE as part meeting the level required for Chartered Member, you will need to provide evidence that you have gained further chemical engineering learning to the full level required for a Chartered Chemical Engineer, either in the work place or by completing a relevant postgraduate qualification. Find out more
  2. Fully meets the level of chemical engineering knowledge and understanding required for a Chartered Member – accredited to IChemE Masters or M' level
    You will be asked to provide evidence of your degree at the time of application for Chartered status ie to upload your degree certificate – no technical report is required.
    nb Degrees accredited by IChemE to Bachelors level prior to 1999 will fully meet the level of knowledge and understanding required for Chartered Member.

What is accreditation not?

  1. Based on the institution, country, degree title or duration
    It is an independent assessment.
  2. A requirement
    Studying an IChemE accredited degree is not a requirement for Chartered Member. It means we know what level of knowledge a person will gain, as long as they successfully graduate. Otherwise, we assess every individual’s knowledge and understanding against the same standard on an individual basis; usually through a piece of written work eg a technical report, or academic papers.
  3. Forever
    IChemE accreditation is awarded for a period of time, after which reaccreditation is required to check the standard has been maintained. You will need to check that your degree was accredited during the time you studied.

Further information

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