Further learning

The level of knowledge and understanding for Chartered Member MIChemE includes an advanced depth and breadth of theory, and the ability to apply this in broad based team work. A degree accredited by IChemE to Bachelors or B'level*, provides the core knowledge and understanding expected for a Chartered Chemical Engineer. Evidence is needed to show how that knowledge has been taken to the advanced level since graduation.

In academia

Process to get Chartered - undertaking further academic learning

Individuals may opt to complete a post graduate course in a subject closely related to chemical, biochemical or process engineering. IChemE accredits some Masters programmes as providing the advanced level required for Chartered Member, all of which can be found my search the Engineering Council accredited course search.  

Please use the self diagnosis tool to find out how to apply for Chartered Member MIChemE depending on the exact nature of your further academic learning.

In industry

Process to get Chartered, submitting technical report focused on further learning

Individuals who decide to go into industry can demonstrate achieving the further learning required for Chartered Member by completing a project and submitting a report for assessment.

Download and read:

Demonstrating further learning

Guidance on submitting a technical report focused on further learning

Successful synopsis examples for reports focused on further learning

Review process for submitting a technical report focused on further learning

Members - log in to 'My IChemE' to access examples of successful past reports.

Not in membership? Apply for Affiliate or Associate Member and get full support whilst you work towards and prepare your application for Chartered Member MIChemE (more on which grade of membership to apply for).

Further information

General guidance

Demonstrating knowledge and understanding 

More on IChemE degree accreditation

*degrees accredited by IChemE to Bachelors level prior to 1999 will fully meet the level of knowledge and understanding required for Chartered Member. Please use the Engineering Council accredited course search to check.