Technical reports

Process to get Chartered, submitting technical report

You can demonstrate that your chemical engineering knowledge and understanding is at the minimum required level for a Chartered Chemical Engineer by submitting a piece of written work

  • in industry, we refer to this as a technical report
  • in academia, this would be a paper or collection of papers

Use the self diagnosis to check whether you need to submit a technical report and whether you have to focus the report on a particular aspect:

  • technical report - standard
  • technical report - focused on design
    demonstrating ability to apply knowledge to a design, research or other complex project, eg if you studied a degree covered by the FEANI international agreement or were otherwise advised during the self diagnosis check
  • technical report - focused on further learning
    demonstrating achievement of further learning in industry, eg if you studied a degree that was accredited by IChemE as partially meeting the level required for Chartered status - to Bachelors level

nb You may not be required to submit a technical report or academic papers if you were advised as such at the end of the self diagnosis. For instance, if you studied a degree with current IChemE accreditation to the full level required for a Chartered Member.

Download and read:

General guidance on writing a technical report

Cover sheet to submit with your technical report

Review process for submitting a technical report

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