Process to get Chartered - assessment

You will be asked to attend an interview on your report(s).

  • technical interview
    on your technical report (if relevant) to assess your level of knowledge and understanding.
  • professional review interview
    on your competence and commitment report, to assess your level of professional experience.


You may be invited to an additional interview conducted by two members of IChemE's Professional Formation Forum, to clarify any areas of uncertainly.

Interview format

Your interview(s) will be held in confidence with two Chartered Members or Fellows.

Except for individuals submitting a technical report focused on further learning, technical interview is often held on the same day as the professional review interview.

You will be put into contact with an experienced IChemE assessor, who you should organise the date and time of the interview(s) with directly.

Your interview will be approximately one hour in duration.

IChemE's tips are:

  • re-read
    revisit your report to make sure you are able to discuss your work in greater depth on the day.
  • prepare
    prepare any additional evidence that would help the assessors to understand your work.
  • props
    take along or do a diagram etc if it proves valuable in articulating a chemical engineering task to an assessor, who although an experienced interviewer and chemical engineer, may not understand your particular sector.
  • attendance
    your IChemE interview is a professional assessment so please arrive on time, prepared, calm and able to focus.
  • discussion
    remember that as with report review(s) the focus is on how you solve problems, not on the outcomes themselves.