Process to get Chartered - assessment

As part of the peer review process, at the time of application you will be required to provide contact details for two nominated references. Your referees must be:

  • Chartered Members or Fellows of IChemE
  • willing to provide you with a reference
  • ready and willing to respond to an email request from IChemE when you apply - ask their permission

Your referees do not need to:

  • work with you
  • know your role or activities in detail
  • be in the same organisation/country

Referees will be contacted by email and asked a small number of questions. The process is quick and easy.

I don't know any other Chartered Members or Fellows

If you do not believe you will be able to find a reference you can:

  • get back in contact with old colleagues, peers or university lecturers who may be Chartered Members or Fellows;
  • meet with your local IChemE community as early as possible to create good connections with local IChemE members, one or two of whom may then be happy to provide you with a reference when the time comes.


Further information

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