First steps

Process to get Chartered - Competence and Commitment report


The format for providing evidence of your professional experience against the minimum level required of a Chartered Member MIChemE is a Competence and Commitment (C&C) report.

The Competence and Commitment report contains five sections; A to E, which you must complete using examples from your own career.

Prepare for success

Whether you have just graduated, are doing a chemical engineering degree whilst working, or have years of experience, preparation is key to a successful application, so:

  1. download and save the Competence and Commitment report template
    and familiarise yourself with the sections as early as possible
  2. read the general 
    C&C report guidance This contains information and advice on:
    - report writing
    - personal role
    - responsibility
    - depth and breadth
    - confidentiality
    - report verification (confirmation section)
  3. keep a log of your professional experience
    use the C&C report template, or IChemE's mycareerpath CPD tool
  4. seek out a mentor
    or ask a Chartered Chemical Engineer or other experienced process engineer for some feedback
  5. use the guidance for each section of the report
    which is provided under sections A-E in the left hand menu; log in to gain full access

Further information