C&C report general guidance

Your Competence and Commitment report should provide a concise summary (approximately 3,000 words) of your practical professional experience. Key aspects related to your competence include personal role, responsibility, and depth and breadth of practical experience. Your commitment concerns the profession as well as your own personal development as a chemical engineer.

Personal role

Qualification as a Chartered Chemical Engineer is personal to you, and assessment is therefore based upon the demonstration of your contribution to a piece of work or situation; how you added value through your actions. Choose the examples from your career that best reflect your chemical engineering competence.


The level of responsibility for Chartered Member is about being trusted for your technical competence and professional judgment, and demonstrating initiative, being proactive, taking ownership. Management experience is not required and it is understood that this responsibility will progressively increase.


You should provide enough detail on the context, actions and results of the work you describe to show that you have depth of experience, although the focus is on how you solve problems, rather than on the outcome itself.


Your experience may represent the application of chemical, biochemical or process engineering within any combination of technical areas, and we would suggest that by the time of application for Chartered Member you should be able to provide examples of work in 4-6 different areas:

chart of the various technical areas chemical, biochemical and process engineers may work in whilst gaining professional experience

Further information

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