Report writing tips

Process to get Chartered - Competence and Commitment report

Your Competence and Commitment report will be reviewed by an IChemE volunteer assessor who is a Chartered Member or Fellow. Please submit your report in the best and most complete format possible. This will help IChemE to use the valuable time of volunteer assessors effectively and to obtain a decision on your application as soon as possible. Consider the following:

  • write well and concisely in clear, correct English
  • make sure your report accurately reflects your own experience
  • focus your C&C report on practical (referring to theory where relevant)
  • complete the report in approximately 3,500 total (no more than 20% over)
  • as a guide, in sections A-C, write 100-200 words in each sub-section
  • balance demonstrating depth and breadth of experience in your report, eg provide one example in technical depth and one or two brief points to demonstrate breadth
  • ensure to reference acronyms in full, or in a glossary where appropriate

Confirmation / verification

At the end of your Competence and Commitment report there is a section called 'Confirmation', which is there so that one or more individuals can attest to the fact that your report is a true account of your working experience and CPD. The person(s) who verifies your experience should have been:

  • senior to you at the time of the work in your report, and
  • familiar with what you were doing at the time


They do not have to be:

  • member(s) of IChemE
  • chartered
  • chemical engineer(s)
  • your referee(s)
  • your manager now
  • in the same country as you

How do I get the report verified / what if I can't get some of it verified?

You can either ask your verifiers to sign your report physically and tick the boxes for the relevant sections, or obtain electronic verification to append to your report (see below).

If more than 20% of your report cannot be verified, please append a covering letter to explain and the relevant section(s) will be discussed more thoroughly in your interview.

Further information

Competence and Commitment report template

Download the document to obtain electronic verification for your C&C report

See further advice from IChemE assessors