C&C report - section A

Process to get Chartered - C&C report: section A

Application of knowledge to practical situations

Section A of the Competence and Commitment report asks you to provide evidence that you have the ability to apply chemical and general engineering knowledge and understanding to practical situations. It is the longest section, with five sub-sections:

  1. apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to identifying or defining a problem, opportunity or project
  2. combining ideas and contributions of different people and disciplines to arrive at appropriate engineering, technical or scientific solutions
  3. creativity and innovation: developing your own ideas to produce new engineering, technical or scientific solutions, new designs and new technological approaches
  4. scientific or technical evaluation and optimisation (of product, process, equipment, method, project etc against the requirements you identified, or the brief you were given)
  5. planning and execution of projects: organising or performing technical work to implement or validate solutions, designs etc

There is a final 'other' section which is there to enable you to provide any evidence you wish to include that has not fit into the previous three sub categories. You do not have to complete this if you have nothing further to add.

Further information 

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