C&C report - section B

Process to get Chartered - C&C report: section B

Evidence that you are able to handle the wider implications of your work as an engineer

Section B of the Competence and Commitment report asks you to give examples from your own personal experience to clearly show your understanding of, and ability to handle the wider implications of your engineering work:

  1. ability to handle health, hazard and safety aspects: to apply appropriate principles, good practice, meet legislative requirements etc
  2. ability to handle sustainability aspects: these could include environmental, public concern and other societal issues, recognition of risks etc
  3. ability to handle commercial and economic aspects

There is a final 'other' section which is there to enable you to provide any evidence you wish to include that has not fit into the previous three sub categories. You do not have to complete this if you have nothing further to add.

Further information

Download the guidance sheet for section B

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