C&C report - section D

Process to get Chartered - C&C report: section D

Evidence to show that you are committed to high standards of professional and ethical conduct

Section D asks you to provide examples in two subsections of your personal and ethical commitment of working to professional standards of IChemE, your company/organisation and those of your particular sector. 

Demonstration of your commitment could include activity to support the future of the profession such as through IChemE's campaigns, or another organisation working to interest young people in chemical engineering or the subjects that lead onto it. It could also include efforts to support knowledge transfer and professional development of engineers. 

Examples of working in an ethical manner could include decision making relating to accuracy and rigour (adherence to policy and procedures), avoiding conflicts of interest, data protection and confidentiality, health and safety, employee misconduct etc.  

Further information

Download the guidance sheet for section D

Refer to IChemE's Professional Code of Conduct

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