C&C report - section E

Process to get Chartered - C&C report: section E

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Section E is in a table format and requires some detailed evidence of:

  • how you identify your CPD needs and turn these needs into a plan
  • how you record CPD activities that you have undertaken
  • your recent development and short to medium term plans for future development; related to your professional knowledge and competence.

When describing historic and future plans, please ensure that rather than simply listing activities, you demonstrate some analysis as to what your skills need was or is, and how the chosen CPD activity has helped or will help you to work better or develop in your chosen direction.

Further information

Download the guidance sheet for section E

More on continuing professional development (CPD)

IChemE offers a range of training courses that are tailored to support the career-long development of chemical engineers and related professionals. The comprehensive programme of quality-assured training courses take place in the UK and internationally and cover a range of subject areas including; safety, process, project management and communication skills.

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