There are many ways in which you can get some support with your application to get Chartered:

Need some more information on the process?

Watch a webinar or attend a presentation on how to Get Chartered.

Stuck on your report/a particular section?

Take a look at the guidance under knowledge and understanding and/or professional experience where you will also find successful past reports to help prompt you.

Want some local support?

Make use of your global IChemE community. If there is a member group in your area, you will receive emails about their events, unless you have changed your email settings. Log into your 'My IChemE' account to check.

Your local member group can be of great help, particularly if there are not many Chartered Chemical Engineers in your work place. They will hold professional development events. They can look for a mentor in your local area, and the mentor or someone on the committee could potentially act as a referee once you get to know each other.

Have a particular training need?

IChemE offers a range of training courses that are tailored to support the career-long development of chemical engineers and related professionals. The comprehensive programme of quality-assured training courses take place in the UK and internationally and cover a range of subject areas including; safety, process, project management and communication skills. Take a look at the courses available, many of which can be run more cost effectively in company if you have a team need.

IChemE special interest groups and local member groups also hold technical events that can support your continuing professional development, which you need to evidence in section E of the Competence and Commitment report.

Have a question on the process?

IChemE has offices around the world, which you can contact for information and advice. 




Minor revisions to the Competence and Commitment (C&C) report template (Section E) have been made in line with the IChemE CPD Policy 

Applications received from 1 March 2018 onwards must be completed on the new Competence and Commitment report template (Version 2).