Membership events

Learn more about the process and hear tips on how to achieve membership levels of IChemE through a membership information session: 

  • Technician Member TIChemE
  • Chartered Member MIChemE (Chartered Chemical Engineer) - 'Get Chartered'
  • Associate Fellow AFIChemE (non-qualified) and Fellow FIChemE - 'Fellowship', or
  • find out how to support another engineer working towards qualification as a mentor.

Events are hosted by IChemE member groups in different regions, and regular webinars are scheduled in different timezones to provide access no matter where you are based and what your availability.

Please register for either type of event so that we can keep you informed should there be any change or update on details.

"Excellent webinar, all my questions were answered, a really good and useful guide to start an application to become a Chartered Engineer" Gledys González, doctorate student.

"Thank you for an excellent webinar. The technology worked very well and my question during the webinar was answered satisfactorily. I thought the tips about writing the Commitment & Competence report were helpful" Mark Sankey, chemical engineer - BP International Ltd.

Further information

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